How to Store Tubemate Videos on an SD Card in Android

TubeMate is the official version of one of the best applications when it comes to downloading YouTube videos on your Android. Thank you for this application, where now you can store all your most wanted YouTube videos locally on your device memory and watch them later at your leisure without an Internet connection.

Using your application is as simple as accessing the video of your choice through the app in the browser. From there, a quick tap on the arrow at the bottom of your screen. Next step is the selection factors such as resolution and quality video. You can also download tubemate for ios.

Store Tubemate Videos on an SD Card in Android

How to Store Tubemate Videos on an SD Card in Android

After a time using Tubemate latest apk to download songs, videos and movies from various famous video sources, the user’s download folder will be filled, and they will have trouble to modify their downloaded files. So they must have another download folder, but not all of the users know how to that, so in today’s article, I will guide you How to Store Tubemate Videos on an SD Card in Android. Also the same way you can download the tubemate app for pc.

  • On the main screen of the app, please choose “Preferences” from the menu bar to go to app settings
  • On the Settings screen, scroll down to the part “Storage”, and you can choose the option in the change file for the video or music
  • When you reach the folder, go to the main folder and select the folder you want to change
  • After finishing choosing new download folder, please select “OK” to complete the action
  • When the download folder has modified, you will notice below

There are many applications similar to youtube downloader Tubemate existing on the Internet to download YouTube videos. But you must have a concern about many aspects while downloading a video youtube downloader application.

First, there must be free and fast as like TubeMate apk. The others are the ease of downloading videos, the ability to resume the download speed, how to download (in part or as a whole file) and many more. Similar applications of most TubeMate to download YouTube videos are Vidmate, Snaptube, Videoder, YTD Downloader, etc.


The downloaded videos are stored by default on your smartphone, but you can also download them directly to your SD card. 3 TubeMate is a downloader tool that is easy to use and the call to allow you to download a video file from a few seconds to YouTube. This third version of the app also has an elegant interface is a significant improvement over previous versions.

The above article was about how to store Tubemate videos on an SD card in Android that I share with you all. Hope this article is useful for you and you can change the download folder on the Free Application TubeMate successfully.

Good luck and thank you for reading!


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